Handle is a personal productivity system that helps you stay focused on what matters. It brings together your email, to-do list, and calendar into a single app that lets you make better decisions with your time and relax more with less fear of things falling through the cracks.

Projects: Branding, Positioning, Product Strategy, Activation, On-boarding, Metrics





Deezer is an online platform and app that provides songs from a variety of genres. It delivers a multi-local music experience to more than 26 million music fans worldwide.

The platform enables its users to access its database of songs through its website or by download the app and listening to music. It provides access to a catalogue of 30 million tracks available on devices including smartphone, computer, tablet, home speakers, or stereo systems in vehicles.

Projects: Monetization





Hatch creates smart nursery products for parents.  The first product released by Hatch is the Smart Changing Pad, a modern redesign of the diaper changing pad found in nearly every baby nursery. It has a built-in wifi-enabled scale so that mom will know how much her baby drank while nursing (seamlessly calculated for her based on baby's before nursing and after nursing weight). The information is sent to the accompanying app (IPhone or Android) so that the parents know how much the baby ate during a feeding and how mom's supply is changing as the baby grows.

Projects: E-commerce, marketing, online advertising.